Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas & {HAPPY} New Year!

I'll be taking a blogging break while we vacation through the great state of Florida for the holidays. Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas if you celebrate, a relaxing long weekend filled with Chinese food and movies if you don't, and a wonderfully Happy New Year!
I am looking forward to starting on R's 3rd birthday party and Valentine's Day goodies when we get back!!

Also, if you "like" me on Facebook you'll find a free {LARGE} printable tag to use on gifts that are From: Santa (great for things like bikes and other non-wrapped toys!)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Gift for {Teachers}

They are finally done! 8 teachers, 8 gifts! Because our daycare is set up so that you move classes every 6 months or so both of my girls have had 2 sets of teachers in the last 6 months! I wanted to thank all the amazing ladies that help basically raise my cuties while I am busy counting chickens during the day, not just the ones that currently their teachers. So that meant 8 gifts, ugh! I saw this cute recipe online at My Recipes and thought, why not! I bought the jars at Hobby Lobby while they were half off (so $1.25 each), the powdered milk ($10), sugar ($?? I can't remember but it wasn't much, just a 4 lb bag), 3 containers of unsweetened cocoa powder ($2.50 each), 2 bags of mini choc chips ($2 each) and 1 bag of brach's peppermint candies ($2.29) so around $35 for 8 gifts (plus tags and ribbon). I think they came out adorable but it was a little touch and go in the beginning. I found that using a 1/4 cup measuring scoop was the easiest way not to get powdered milk, cocoa, and sugar ALL over my counters. I first tried using a funnel but that was a colossal fail!
Once they were all assembled I added a little square of fabric I cut out using my pinking shears under the cap (I used Ball Jars) along with some ribbon and a tag I made for the gifts that include the directions on the back. In case you are looking for a last minute teacher or neighbor or family gift I have included the tags below, you can right click on them, save them, and print them. I cut them out using my paper trimmer, glued the 2 sides together, and used a hole punch so I could attached them with the ribbon.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Handmade Holiday {Gifts}

Here are just a couple of the handmade holiday gifts that I have made so far this year.

First is a galvanized bucket that I have made for my in-laws, who live at the beach, which of course makes visiting them soooooo hard ;)  They have a little area in their garage before you walk in the door where you usually leave your shoes, thought this would be a cute way to "catch" them all. I just cut out some fun vinyl (in Gator colors of course), transferred it on, and finished it off by tying some Orange & Blue ribbons to the handles.

Next up is the Chalkboard Tutu from Greenbean's Crafterole, she has a SO easy to follow Tutu-Tute on her blog! Regan gave this to her ballet teacher yesterday and it was a big hit!
Next up is the cute and easy teacher's gift Box of Teacher Goodies from the girls at eighteen25. This was a really fun one to put together, mostly because it's so easy and the toughest part is shopping for the goodies to go inside!

And then a small add-on gift I made these adorable little bottles of instant hand sanitizer or "Magic Soap" as my daughter calls it. I saw the idea on several different blogs in the past couple months, such a great idea! Just tear off the labels, use goo gone to remove any adhesive left behind, add stickers (got these at Target for $0.99), and add a little ribbon to it all! Presto fun gift to give or to keep for your kitchen/changing station/bathroom.

handmade projects



Monday, December 13, 2010

Peace, Love & {Foo Foo}!

I just had to share this little Christmas card that I designed for my sister! Finley is affectionately called Foo Foo by the cutie she nannies (and by my daughter, too!) and he is a very sweet little pug!!
So happy Monday to you and Peace, Love & Foo Foo!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Looking {kinda} Like Christmas

We're a little behind in our decorating this year....but at least we got a good start today! Tree is up and lit and decorated. The entry hall table is starting to come together, just a few more items and hopefully some garland and maybe a banner, we'll have to see if there is time (I'll probably just look for a printable out there from the gobs of talented ladies in blogland).

I did make 2 items for my table that I have not talked about yet. The large letter "H" courtesy of my fabulous sister (she gave it to me as a Hanukkah gift) and the card holder. The "H" is available at JoAnn (unfortunately we don't have JoAnn in Charlotte) and there are a million and one ways to decorate it. I tried mod podging beautiful Paper Source paper to it, but that didn't work out so well, so luckily, since it's an H, I was able to turn it around and just paint the back side red, it will do for now.

The card holder was a last minute (well it took about 10 minutes) project that was totally {FREE} and who doesn't love free! I had seen something like it in a link party along the way, I tried to find it again and I can't, I totally thought I had saved the link, but I guess I didn't. I feel pretty bad, I don't want to steal any one's thunder or ideas, so I am sorry to whoever you are for not properly linking back to you, my bad! I will keep on looking and if I find it I will link it back for everyone (or if it was you, post a comment so I can give you your cred!)  It is a really easy project, just find an old frame you aren't using (paint it if necessary), some ribbon, and a hot glue gun. Open the frame and take out the backing and the glass and set aside so you can possibly use the frame again if you want. Cut lengths of different (or the same) ribbons the length of the opening plus an inch or 2 extra in case you want to make some diagonal like I did here. run a bead of hot glue along the joint of the frame where the glass rests and attach one side of the ribbon. Run another bead of glue on the other side of the frame, pull ribbon tightly and adhere to opposite side, trim excess ribbon. Easy!! I just used 2 nails to rest the frame on the wall since it didn't already have a hanger. I found cute mini clothespins at Walmart (12 for $1.88) that I am using to hang the cards onto the ribbon!

So that's about it for now, hopefully I will have some finished pictures soon! Hope you are enjoying your holiday decorating, or more likely, enjoying the fruits of your labor by admiring the decorating you already did!

handmade projects


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