Wired for {Love}!

Here is a quick and fun project you can do for any holiday or party. I even made one back for Halloween but I ran out of time and never got the post or tutorial written up.

Aluminum jewelry or floral wire (the kind usually sold in a coil – I’ve bought it at both Dollar Tree and the craft store in the jewelry section)
Wire cutters or scissors you don’t care about
A print out of whatever word you want to create

Step 1 – open up Word or Photoshop (or any editing software) and choose a cursive font you like. Type up the word you want to the size you want and print it out. If you want something really large just print it out on several pages and tape them all together.
Step 2 – start sculpting your wire so that it “traces” your printed out word. Tip – don’t make any sudden kinks int he wire, soft turns can be undone but kinks are hard to get out
Step 3 – Use your wire cutters to cut off any excess wire.
Step 4 – hang it up! I used about 24″ of glitter ribbon I had laying around and tied it to each end of the my word.

I after I traced out my word I realized that the font I used makes Love look more like Lave or Laue – let that be your warning to love the font you pick before you print it!



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    I found your beautiful ribbon wreath on pinterest and followed the link to your blog! I added you to my blog roll as well! I am a 50 something nana and I love to do crafts by myself and with my five year old granddaughter. Thanks for the inspiration I find on your blog!

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