Christmas 2012 Gift List/Tracker

I don’t know how your house is on Christmas morning but around here it’s a little chaotic. My mini mes are only 2.5 & 4.5 and they just can’t seem to rip open presents fast enough! Since sending thank you notes (you can download some free ones here) is very important to me I want to make sure everyone gets proper gratitude for the proper gifts. This year I have devised a plan that includes a clip board (covered in glitter card stock and tied with a bow), a pen with a fun washi tape embellishment, and a Gift List/Tracker printable!

I have created 2 fun versions of this Gift Tracker that can be downloaded for free (for personal use only, of course)!

I’ve even included a fun little check box so that you can make sure your thank you notes got sent!

I hope that these will help save you a little sanity on Christmas morning.
The Black & Green version can be downloaded HERE.
The Minty Polka Dot version can be downloaded HERE.
Happy Holidays!!

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    Ok I used this and it was amazing and so easy for the kids to check off when they wrote the thank you! Was wondering if you would consider doing one for Gifts for 2013 or even (Child’s Name) Birthday. I would love to be able to keep track of all the gifts the kids give and receive in the next year. Just a thought you have such cool ideas and can execute on them so well. Thanks for everything!!!!

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