Tailgating with Rubbermaid

This time of year is rather bittersweet around our house. It’s a new year and the possibilities are endless (yay!) but it’s also the end of football season (boo!!). Although the Gators didn’t show up for their post season game and the Vikings didn’t show up for theirs either, we are still excited about the NFL post season, especially the Super Bowl. I think pretty much everyone can agree that the Super Bowl is, well, Super! The game, the commercials, THE FOOD, the halftime entertainment, THE FOOD. Yeah, no matter who is playing in the big game, the food is really the most important thing going on the first Sunday in February. So you better start getting your Game Day Food game plan in gear!
To help get you started Rubbermaid and Target have teamed up to offer you 2 exclusive coupons you can print at home and use to buy the gear you’re gonna want come game day.

The coupons Rubbermaid has for you to print out exclusively on Target’s website are for both the with durable food storage containers and the convenient Take Alongs line. I’ll tell you more about why I loved both of these product lines below… after the photos!

First, I printed out the coupons (be sure that you are at a computer that is attached to a printer before you go to the website to get your coupons printed). Then, I headed to my local Target to start my shopping. As you can see Rubbermaid has containers for pretty much anything you need. If you already have a menu, errrr, Game Plan, in place you can buy individual containers. If you are like me, and like to wing it (chicken wing it, that is) the variety packs are the way to go.

Packing up all your game time goodies in the containers is easy and it makes you look like maybe you actually made all these things and didn’t just buy cupcakes while you were at Target shopping for Rubbermaid products.

Packaging everything in the containers makes a world of difference in packing up your goodies to take with you the big game. I was able to get so much into my bag and even though there were bumps and thumps along the way, nothing opened, nothing spilled.

Set up was super easy.

No worrying about bugs or little hands getting in my food before it was game time.

Take off the lids and serve!

Clean up is even easier than set up. You can just leave the Take Alongs with your hostess & buy more tomorrow or just pop the lids back on and put things in the fridge or cupboard as needed. And once you are done with the containers there is beauty in the Easy Find Lids. Not only do the lids snap to themselves (which is a blessing if you’ve ever opened your cabinet to have an avalanche of lids fall on you) but they also snap to the bottom of the actual containers.

Like I said – here are just some of the reasons I really love the Rubbermaid containers

Easy Find Lids containers:

  • Lids snap to the bottom of containers—never lose a lid or leave one behind at the party again!
  • Leak-proof seal prevents messes and spills on the way to the party.
  • Range of sizes makes taking what you want easy! Large sizes for wings, chips, salads etc., all the way down to small, half cup sizes for dips and sauces.

TakeAlongs provide a worry-free way to take food to the big game party.

  • Leak proof seal prevents messes and spills
  • Great value and great quality—perfect for giving food in as a gift, and leaving behind.
  • Range of sizes makes taking what you want easy! Large sizes for wings, chips, salads etc., all the way down to smaller sizes for dips and sauces.

If only I could get Rubbermaid to have these available in Orange & Blue, I would never need another bowl or dish for my tailgate set ups ever again!

Rubbermaid is also hosting a Game Day Party Sweepstakes!
  They are offering the chance to win an Easy Find Lids Party Pack, a 48Qt Cooler and $100 VISA gift card! To enter the sweepstakes readers must click on this link: http://www.rubbermaid.com/sweepstake/pages/sweepstakeRegistration.aspx?sweepstakeId=35 
Entries are limited to one entry per person / per email address / per day.
Sweepstakes starts December 19, 2012 and ends January 21, 2013.

If you would love to learn more about Rubbermaid, download the coupons for yourself or learn more about Target please click on any of the following links!!

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™, but all my opinions are my own.


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