Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Card Craft Stash | RAOK

This post is part of the Random Crafts of Kindness Campaign sponsored by Consumer Crafts.

I have to admit that I am a pretty lucky lady. I have a warm home, lots of ribbon, and best of all, a healthy family. Unfortunately there are many people out there who are struggling with those comforts. No one plans on having sick children. No one plans on having to travel far away from their homes so that their children can receive the best medical care any time of year but I can only imagine having to being away from home from long periods of time over the holidays has to be especially hard. Luckily there are places like Ronald McDonald House to help families with sick children out. So when Consumer Crafts asked me to be a part of their Random Crafts of Kindness I knew that I would love to do something random and fun for those families staying at the newly opened Ronald McDonald House here in Charlotte, so I put together this fun craft stash that can be used to make fun holiday cards and other crafts!

While my family has been fortunate so far not to have to stay in a Ronald McDonald house, I know, through my friend's stay, that the time can be especially tough on siblings. It can be a scary time as well as a boring time for little ones so I thought a little kit to help them make holiday cards and crafts would help distract and help pass the time. You could fill your box with virtually anything but here are the supplies I chose.


To make it extra fun I re-wrapped the baker's twine on the cute little wooden clothespin "dolls"

Then I packed everything up in the plastic organizer and tied it with a giant green burlap bow.

You can download the free Crafty Christmas tag just please remember that it is for personal use only.

Now that I've shared my Random CRAFT of Kindness is there anyone you can think of that could use the gift of something homemade this holiday season?  Learn more about and Random Crafts of Kindness on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Blog

And for even more great ideas please visit some of my very crafty friends who are also spreading cheer with Random Crafts of Kindness, too!


  1. Love this, Stacy! I'm sure it would be so helpful to those families.

  2. Oh, I LOVE this idea, Stacy! How wonderful!


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