Easy Patriotic Cookies | 4th of July

The US Men’s National Team is heading to the round of 16 in the World Cup. Fourth of July is next week. Any day is a great day to show your patriotic pride and if you have 20 minutes you can make really cute Patriotic Cookies, promise! You just need a couple simple supplies, like SweetWorks Pearls and Sixlets, and you’re ready to go. Of course you can always substitute your favorite sugar cookie and buttercream recipes if you have a little more time, I just never seem to have much of it lately!


Ready to bake sugar cookies
Various Pearls, Sixlets, and sprinkles

I love working with the SweetWorks pearls, they are a little smaller than Sixlets, not chocolate, and they come in every color imaginable! You can pick them up pretty much anywhere they have baking or party supplies.

Bake your sugar cookies per the directions on the package and let cool on a cooling rack. I like to place the pearls in ramekins so they are easy to access.

Once the cookies are cool to the touch you can frost them. The Easy Frost comes with a star tip already on the frosting, no need to transfer it to a pastry bag, or you can just smooth it on the old fashion way. Both make equally pretty cookies.

After you’ve frosted the cookies just start adding Pearls, sprinkles, and Sixlets! It’s really that simple. Just press the candies right into the frosting to create any design you can think of.

Don’t have time/patience/desire to design the cookies yourself? Simple solution: set out the supplies and you have an fun activity for your kids or guests! It’s a TWO-FFER! Ooooo, come to think of it this would be a great activity for a Captain American or any superhero party! 
The possibilities are endless!

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