Upcycled Lilly Pulitzer Art

If you follow me on Instagram you might know that I, big ol’ pink puffy heart, love Lilly Pulitzer. It’s not a new obsession; I even had my first daughter and I photographed in matching Lilly shift dresses back in 2009. It’s actually very out of my comfort zone to wear loud, bright clothing with prints, in fact, I can almost always be found in solids, maybe a stripe here or there. There’s just something about Lilly that makes bright and colorful feel comfortable. I look forward to their catalogs or look books each season and this year’s summer catalog was no disappointment. They are always the highest quality, the paper feels great between your finger, which made this year’s summer catalog perfect for upcycling!


16×12  (or any size you want) plain canvas
2014 Summer Lilly Pulitzer catalog (specifically the back page)
Paper trimmer or scissors
Ruler & Pencil
Painters Tape
Mod Podge
Paint brushes

The first thing you’ll have to do is carefully tear the back page off the catalog. The bottom half of the back page is a fabulous print, which can be trimmed down to 5×7.

Prep your canvas by finding the exact center. I wanted my print to look framed in gold so I marked off my 5×7 print and then added a 1 inch border all the way around. Using painter’s tape I taped off a centered 7×9 box and painted the inside gold. As you can see I didn’t care too much about how the inside of the square looked as it will be covered with the print.

Once the gold was dry and I peeled up the painter’s tape I measured out 2 inch stripes and taped the areas that I wanted to stay white. I then painted the rest of the canvas pink. As you can see below it is almost impossible not to get bleed when working with the canvas. But it’s not a big deal, you’ll just have to go back with white paint and touch everything up. I find that the best way to clean everything up is with that nice straight edge brush that I showed in the supplies photo. You can get right up to the edge rather easily.

Once you’ve got everything cleaned up and it’s completely dry you can attach your print with Mod Podge. I put 1 medium layer of Mod Podge on the back of the print and centered it on the gold square. After 30 minutes I applied a light coating of Mod Podge over the entire print and gold “frame” area. Let dry and repeat if you’d like. You are ready to hang it up!

I am so excited about my new artwork. It is going to fit into my Flamingo/Cabana Stripe/Beachy guest room perfectly! Now to just hang up everything else, upholster the cornice board, sew some pillows, and accessorize the room. Maybe it will be ready for a reveal by Thanksgiving!  :)


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