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Craft Kit Birthday Present

Craft Kit Birthday Present

There are only so many Barbie Dolls/My Little Ponies/Elsa/(insert popular toy here) birthday presents that you can handle buying and wrapping. And as kids get older it only gets harder to find a … [Read More...]

DIY Disney Princess Inspired Bracelet

DIY Disney Princess Inspired Bracelets

What started off as me wanting to use up some beading supplies I've been hoarding for several years has turned into a full-fledged jewelry shop in my craft studio. About 3 years ago I had this … [Read More...]

Pink Lemonade Party

Pink Lemonade Party

My five year old (gasp! I still can't believe she is five!!) loves lemonade. I mean, LOVES it, can't get enough of it. The only thing she loves more than lemonade is the color pink. Sometimes I wonder … [Read More...]

American Girl Bistro Party

American Girl Bistro Party Charlotte

House party or location party? That is often the first question you have to deal with when planning a birthday party. After a year hiatus from birthday parties, we opted for fun family experiences … [Read More...]

DIY Teacher Appreciation GIft

Easy DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift

Teacher appreciation week is fast approaching, as is the end of the school year. Although there are many wonderful professions out there that may be under appreciated teachers are high on my list of … [Read More...]


Cinderella Silhouette Art

Have you seen Disney's live action Cinderella yet? It is wonderful. Yes, it's a fairy tale with a happily ever after ending but the road to get there is paved with many emotions (oh so many feels!), … [Read More...]