Ribbon Tree {Tutorial}

First off, I just want to thank EVERYONE who stopped by my Holiday Ribbon Wreath post! I had no idea it would be so popular! And another thanks to everyone who posted the pictures and linked back to me. It means so much to me, especially being a new crafty blogger!

Ok, so a bunch of people seemed to also like my little ribbon tree which was just an after thought when I originally posted. I wanted to give that little tree it’s time in the spotlight so here is a tutorial on how to make one yourself. It takes hardly any time or supplies and you can use up any scraps you have laying around, too.

  • Styrofoam tree – Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Wal Mart they all have them in a variety of sizes. They are usually not on sale, so use your coupons!
  • straight craft pins
  • ribbon – a variety of colors, patterns, and widths
  • scissors or rotary cutter
  • optional – thread & sewing machine
1) cut your ribbon into 4″ strips (hint – to speed up this step make yourself a 4 inch template out of card stock and wrap your ribbon around the card and then just insert your scissors into the ends and cut them all at once! you can also use a 12″ ruler, wrap the ribbon around, cut them into 12″ pieces and then use your rotary cutter and cut the stack of 12″ strips into 4″ strips with 2 simple cuts.)
2) create loops – you can do this 2 ways, sewing or loop as you go. The sewing goes pretty fast once you get in a rhythm. Just stack your 4″ pieces of ribbon in front of your machine and fold in half with your left by pinching the ends together and use your right hand to assist you placing it under the foot. Just go slow in the beginning until you get the rhythm down. Then over a basket or just the table, cut them apart. If you aren’t sewing just create the loops as you pin to the tree.

3) pin the first row of loops to the tree making sure you leave about 1/4 – 1/2″ overhang. I like to alternate the wider and narrower ribbons, overlapping as I go, to make sure no Styrofoam is showing on the bottom.

4) pin the next row of loops so that the bottom of you loop is half way down the length of the first row. For a fuller tree pin the next row even closer to the bottom. The great thing about pinning the loops instead of gluing them is that if a row looks off or you want to add more, it’s easy peasy to move the ribbons.
5) continue building your rows up the tree overlapping as you go. Hint – the higher up you go the narrower the ribbons you want to use.

6) finish off the top of the tree by pinning a row of ribbon to the top of the tree. If the ribbon is sticking out instead of lying down, open up the body of the loop and pin the ribbon inside the loops to the tree.
7) Top off with a glittery holiday pick, ornament or bow!
8) admire how crafty you are!

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    This is super cute! Love all the ribbon choices =) Thanks for stopping by my blog and THANK YOU a MILLION times over for the *hint* on cutting the darn *A* out with my silhouette. I had no idea!

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    It was your creativity that ribbons that made me fall in love with your blog. I HEART ribbons! I’m going to make these for Christmas this year & give them as gifts. Ooh, could you do a ribbon swag or something like that to hang from my mantle for Christmas?

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