Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Gift for {Teachers}

They are finally done! 8 teachers, 8 gifts! Because our daycare is set up so that you move classes every 6 months or so both of my girls have had 2 sets of teachers in the last 6 months! I wanted to thank all the amazing ladies that help basically raise my cuties while I am busy counting chickens during the day, not just the ones that currently their teachers. So that meant 8 gifts, ugh! I saw this cute recipe online at My Recipes and thought, why not! I bought the jars at Hobby Lobby while they were half off (so $1.25 each), the powdered milk ($10), sugar ($?? I can't remember but it wasn't much, just a 4 lb bag), 3 containers of unsweetened cocoa powder ($2.50 each), 2 bags of mini choc chips ($2 each) and 1 bag of brach's peppermint candies ($2.29) so around $35 for 8 gifts (plus tags and ribbon). I think they came out adorable but it was a little touch and go in the beginning. I found that using a 1/4 cup measuring scoop was the easiest way not to get powdered milk, cocoa, and sugar ALL over my counters. I first tried using a funnel but that was a colossal fail!
Once they were all assembled I added a little square of fabric I cut out using my pinking shears under the cap (I used Ball Jars) along with some ribbon and a tag I made for the gifts that include the directions on the back. In case you are looking for a last minute teacher or neighbor or family gift I have included the tags below, you can right click on them, save them, and print them. I cut them out using my paper trimmer, glued the 2 sides together, and used a hole punch so I could attached them with the ribbon.



  1. I love these!! Your tags are perfect!

  2. Next time go to Walmart to get your jars... they have the Mainstays brand and they are so inexpensive... I paid about $7.50 for a dozen 1-quart jars. They are flat on all sides- easy to put stickers on it. :) Yours turned out super cute!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. These are absolutely wonderful!!! Nadolig Llawen/Merry Christmas to you and your family xx

  4. Great idea! I featured this today on my blog!


  5. So cute!! And I just love the printable, too!

  6. I love these tags! Do you have any other designs you'd be willing share? I'm hosting a red and black/white damask shower and I'd love to use something like this for my food labels. You are SO talented!!

  7. Hi Danielle! E-mail me at sheskindacrafty {at} gmail dot com and I'd be happy to put something together for you.
    PS I just looked at your profile and 1) my sister's name is Danielle 2) I am a mom to 2 young kiddos and 3)I am also an account by trade!! small world!

  8. Thank you so much for these tags! I saw this on pinterest and just printed off 16 of them!

  9. Loved this and made it for all the mother friends for my play dates... TIP: instead of plastic funnel use a paper funnel, the coco does not stick and falls into the jar perfectly

  10. I would love to make these. Did you have to change the amount of what you put into your jars? I see these jars are bigger then the ones in the recipe from my recipes. Please let me know as i am afraid i will mess it up. Thank you.


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