Ribbon {Egg} Topiary!!!

source: Hobby Lobby

I often find myself picking up random craft objects where ever I go thinking to myself, “oh, I bet I can do something crafty with that.” There is a 50/50 shot those items will ever get used. So I picked up one of these paper mache eggs for like $1.59 (can’t remember if they were on sale or not, but $1.59 ain’t bad) at least a month or so ago thinking Easter is on it’s way, I am sure I can paint this bad boy or do something fun with it. So when I was attempting to clean out the mess that is my office & craft space the other night I found Mr. Egg in a bag full of Styrofoam balls and dowels (must have been on an I’m-gonna-make-tons-of-topiaries kick that day). Once I saw the egg next to the dowels I made up my mind that I was going to make an egg shaped topiary! Now you could totally just paint this and add some bling or some vinyl cut-outs from your Craft Cutter, decoupage the heck out of it with beautiful paper. Or even slather it in chalkboard paint (home made chalkboard paint if you’d like 1/4 cup paint to 1.5 teaspoons of non-sanded grout – find details here at Skip to My Lou) and write pretty messages or do one for each kiddo. I sure there are tons of fun options. But, me being me, I wanted to cover it in ribbon! However, I didn’t want to make any ribbon loops, didn’t want to plug my hot glue gun it because that requites crawling under my desk, and I hate dealing with craft pins. So I this is what I came up with. I didn’t take any in-action photos because frankly I had no idea what I was doing or what it would look like in the end. If there is enough interest (via you leaving nice comments below) I will make a 2nd one and include a tutorial.

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    Stacy is there anything you can’t cover with ribbon? Your approach is perfect, you’re right – I prefer the wrapped egg versus an egg covered with the loops (but I do love the loops on other shapes!). Next time will you do something really big, like a bike or a ladder? something slightly unexpected – that would be totally crazy!

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    Oh I love it! When I saw “egg topiary” I thought it was going to be a bunch of eggs on a round topiary ball top. But just the one is very cute and makes a big statement. Love your ribbon choices. :)

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