I Made it From {Pinterest}!

I am not quite in need of a Pintervention just yet, but I do have a love for Pinterest and I am not ashamed to admit it. Leave me a comment below with your email address and I will send you an invite if you aren’t already on it like white on rice.
I actually go back and reference my pins quite often, but this week I actually MADE something I pinned! Crazy, huh?!? It’s not just a big collage poster after all. Here is the original pin and here is the link to the blog post associated with the pin from Saw Dust and Paper Scraps.
I pretty much followed her tutorial to the letter, except I had no patience to deal with ordering magnets from Amazon so I went ahead and found some at Lowes (they weren’t those cute, little, super powered one, so I used 3 of the regular magnets from Lowes and it worked very well). I even took the time to let the E6000 cure for 2.5 days as well as wait in between the coats of primer and paint! I made this as a gift for someone but I love it so much I stopped back by the dollar store and picked up another tray for the topper so I can make myself one, too!

I hope my gift recipient likes it as much as I do!!




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