I’m {Lucky} Lollipops

Even though St. Patrick’s Day is 4 weeks away, it’s never too early to start thinking about fun ideas to get in the spirit. These little chocolate lollipops are quick, easy, and, based on my daughter’s demand for more, very tasty!

Supplies needed:
Shamrock Lollipop Mold (I bought mine at Bake it Pretty but they have since gone out of business, I am sure a quick google search with find you one)
Green Wilton Candy Melts
Lollipop Sticks
Small zip top baggie (optional)
Tag (available to download for free HERE)
Paper punch
Twine and or Ribbon
Scissors or razor sharp teeth to cut twine and ribbon

These lollipop molds are so easy to use. Just melt a half cup of candy melts in a glass Pyrex or other microwave safe measuring cup per the package directions (I do mine for 1 minute on high and then just use a spoon to stir them all up til everything has melted nicely). Then you can either just carefully spoon the melted chocolate into each mold or transfer the melted chocolate to a small zip top baggie, cut off one of the corners, and squeeze the chocolate into the molds. Once all your chocolate is in, give the mold a nice shake to even everything out. Drop your sticks into place and roll them around to make sure they have enough chocolate on them to stay in place once cooled. Then you just have to wait for everything to harden (we put ours in the fridge to speed up the process for an impatient 4 year old). While you are waiting you can print out these tags I whipped up and punch them with your paper puncher. I used my new favorite punch I picked up at Hobby Lobby with my coupon to make it a little more fun.

Then just tie your tag to the lollipop stick (once they are ready) with some twine or ribbon, or twine AND ribbon like I’ve done here!

I think I am going to give these out to my 4 year old’s class for St. Patrick’s Day, in which case I will place them in a cellophane lollipop bag first before I tie on the tag.

Oopsey Daisy


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    Greetings from Raeford, NC!! Love these, they are so stinkin’ cute! I have never tried to make my own, but feel inspired after seeing yours. Thanks for the printable tag!! =)

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