Friday, November 30, 2012

Mint & Turquoise Fabric Wreaths

While I was buying fabric to make some custom Fabric Wreaths a couple weeks ago I picked up a little experimental fabric so I could play a little. I ended up make 2 beautiful wreaths, one of which I donated to a friend's school auction! The other one, well, I made it to sell in my Ready to Ship section of my shop!

Aqua Fabric Wreath
Here are some more pictures of the 12" Minty Wreath and photos of the Turquoise 14" wreath I donated for the auction!

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  1. This is gorgeous! I love that color. I wouldn't want to take it off my door either :)

  2. Saw your cute wreath featured at Tatertots & Jello. SUPER cute!

  3. Hey Stacy, the kind of work you've shown in this post is really amazing. I didn't know that someone can make so finished and great looking Wreath, with hands. This might have taken lot of time, as I can see many small pieces of fabric in the wreath. Nice creativity Stacy, thanks for sharing your work, it inspired me start working on similar project.

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