Easy {Elf} Ideas

If an Elf on the Shelf has adopted your family then you know the nightly routine in December. Where should the elf show up tomorrow morning? Usually that thought doesn’t enter my mind until about 11pm when I really want to be in bed already. To help give you some cheats here are the photos I took last year of our mischievous Alberta the Elf. (of course these are all photos taken in the dark of night with my iPhone on instagram)

 My daughter STILL talks about this one :) {the elf is on a doll potty, the most used doll toy in our house}

{hanging around the mini tree}
{joy riding with Barbie}
{hanging off wall art}
{building sand castles}
{china cabinet}
{mischievously tangled in my ribbon}
{this is one of those last minute things}
{rappelling from the 2nd story}
{chowing down on cereal the kids wouldn’t touch – twist tied the spoon to the arm}
{just hanging around the vent hood}
{taking a bubble bath in the doll bath tub – baby wash cloth on the head}

{helping me wrap gifts}

{can’t get enough of that ribbon}

{hanging out on the menorah}
Where will she show up this year? I guess I better start thinking about that now so I can get some decent rest this December.
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