Tulip Shimmer | Double Duty {Glitter} Holiday Napkins

If you know me, you know that I love to decorate for parties, holidays, Tuesday….well pretty much anything is an excuse to make things pretty for me. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a house where storage is unlimited. To combat this problem I am constantly trying to either buy things or create things that can do at least double duty, hopefully more. So when Tulip sent me this amazing box filled with Tulip Shimmer products I knew just what to make!!

I am sure you’ve seen the great Tulip Shimmer products at the craft store before, they might seem intimidating on the rack (or at least I thought so) but they could not have been easier to use, let me show you how!

First off, look at all these AMAZING and GLITTERY products. They make a girl weak at the knees! 

Supplies needed:
Tulip Fashion Glitter Shimmer Transfer Sheets
Scissors or Electronic Cutting Machine
Cloth Napkins (I am upcycling today!!)
Optional – Glam it Up Iron-on Crystals, Mini Iron, & Tweezers

These Fashion Glitter shimmer transfer sheets are wonderful. All the fun of glitter and about 1/16th the mess! You can cut them by hand but they are also electronic cutter friendly. I used my Silhouette Cameo, set the blade to 5 and double cut just to make sure, and they came out perfect! No need to mirror the image or worry about transfer tape. I can’t wait to use these on so many products in the future. Oh, and they also come in holographic patterns, too, so be on the look out for a New Year’s Eve tutorial, too!!

Once you’ve cut out your 1st holiday’s design (in this case, Christmas) simply place it where you want on your cloth napkin and then following the instructions on the package, iron the transfer. Make sure your iron is “dry” and not on a steam setting.

When your cloth napkin is cool enough to handle, open it up and place your 2nd holiday’s image (a menorah in this instance) in place and iron again. It’s THAT simple, no, really, it is!! You could be done here and your table would look wonderfully festive, but I wanted to go just a little bit further.

I took out the Glam-It-Up accessories and added “Lights” to my menorah. I must have read the directions on the back of the package 3 times because it seemed too simple and I thought I was missing something. All you need to do is use the tweezers (or your fingers if they are nimble) to place the crystals where you want them. Then you can use you regular iron to press them on or use their very handy little hand-held mini iron that heats up in about 15-20 seconds and glues the crystals on in about 8 seconds!! Just be careful because that little sucker gets HOT and can burn the cloth you are attaching the crystals too.

How awesome is it that these are the SAME NAPKIN!! No storing 2 separate sets of napkins that only get put out once a year. And, yes, I said “get put out” and not “get used” because, let’s be honest, these are just for show in my family! Even though they are very usable, I have wee little ones that would ruin these napkins beyond all recognition within moments.

Fun, easy table settings for both holidays! I just love the addition of glitter & shimmer to my tablescapes!

If you’d like to learn more information about any of the Tulip Shimmer Sheets & Paints and line of products you can find them all over cyber space:
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I received product and payment via The Blueprint Social for this post, however, opinions and tutorial are 100% my own.

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    I had just settled on napkins, a little before Thanksgiving, that I could use year around and now after seeing these I want to make more ugg. I love both but especially fond of the menorah:) Thank you for sharing and showing just how simple it is to do.


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