DIY Ornament {Frame}

Hey everyone, here is the post I originally did for Serenity Now. I am so in love with this ornament/frame that I will most likely be heading back to Target to buy some more ornaments before they are gone!

Mini Ornaments (got mine at Target – $3 a box & the little bitty ones at Hobby Lobby for $1)
Small wooden ring ($0.99 from Michaels in the floral craft aisle)
Hot glue gun & glue
4×4″ photograph
8-10″ of coordinating ribbon or twine for the hanger

While your hot glue gun is heating (on the low setting so you don’t burn yourself…as much) remove the metal caps from the ornaments. Pick a starting point and glue one ornament, upside down, on to the wooden circle. Hold that first ornament in place until the glue sets. You won’t have to do this for every one, but you need a strong base to build off of. working off the first ornament that is set in place, use your hot glue gun to attach connecting ornaments all the way around the wooden base. I found it easier to glue the ornaments to the other ornaments instead of glueing them all to the base. However, every 2 or 3 ornaments also add some glue to ornament/wooden base connection points, to make sure everything is secure.

As you can see not every ornament is actually attached to the base.

Once I was done with the “larger” ornaments I scattered the teeny tiny ornaments in the gaps between larger ones and glued them in place.

Flip that baby over and using a large dollop of glue create a loop with your ribbon or twine.

Using 4 pieces of tape I centered my photo on the back of the frame base. Using tape will allow you to reposition and change out the photo as desired.

We don’t have a Christmas tree up yet so I brought the frame outside to my holly tree to see how sparkly and fun it is going to look when it’s hanging up on our tree with all the twinkling lights!

Until the tree is ready I found my frame a home…on another frame!! I don’t know if I am going to able to put this DIY Ornament Frame away once the holidays are over.
I hope you enjoyed this fun & easy tutorial. I would love to see any ornament frames that you made. Come show me over on my facebook page!!
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