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Welcome back to week three of 20 Minute Tuesday! This week I have a craft project that can be used for any holiday or celebration when you want to add a little extra layer of something special to your table setup. Today I have picked a color combination that is perfect for Easter dinner or Mother’s Day brunch, but you can pick anything you’d like, even a different color for each place setting!! 
Easter Table Setting Ribbon

  • Ribbon of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Paper Plate
  • Stapler or Hot Glue Gun

This combination of mint, lavender, and cream just seemed like it would add a nice pop of color to my white everyday dishes.

To determine how long you’ll need to cut your ribbon, place your paper plate under your dinner plate and then, without cutting any ribbon off the spool, play with making a loop from the edge of the paper plate that sticks out as far as you’d like. Then measure how long that ribbon is and cut the rest of your pieces to the same length. I used 13 pieces of 1.5″ wide ribbon, 5 pieces of 7/8″ wide ribbon, and 8 pieces of 5/8″ wide ribbon to complete my plate – all of which were 5.5″ long.

**how I started this project is NOT hot I finished it due to not looking at my supply levels before starting so you can use either method**

Method 1 would be to fold the ribbon over the edge of the paper plate and use a staple to secure the ribbons, working your way all around the plate. Make sure you have more than 4 staples in your possession before choosing this method. :)

The 2nd method you can use is to hot glue the ribbons to the plate. Simply glue one end to the top rim of the plate and then flip the plate over and glue the other end to the bottom of the rim. You can even do several at a time.

When you are finished, just place your dinner plate on top of the paper plate!

The paper plate is completely hidden!

 If you have children old enough to cut ribbon or use a glue gun or stapler this would be a fun family craft project, too!

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