Christmas Tree Tutu Skirt Tutorial

So, yeah. It’s like 10 days until Christmas and you probably already have your tree up and all decorated and you are wondering why I waiting this long to post my Christmas Tree Tutu Skirt tutorial. Well, the answer is simple…wait, did you just say it was 10 days til Christmas?!? Honestly, I feel like Halloween was just last week. Thanksgiving and Hanukkah being together really threw me for a loop and then there is the fact we’re traveling for Christmas so I have about 3 million things to do before we leave. I just feel very behind and not in the decorating spirit this year. However, I do love the way my tree looks with her tutu and I thought you might enjoy this look, too! It’s REALLY simple!!

You will need minimal supplies and skill for this skirt, however, you will need a sewing machine. I am sure a nice package of fudge covered Oreos would persuade your friend with a sewing machine to help you on this one!


12-25 yards of tulle (the kind on the bolt in the fabric section, NOT the small 6″ rolls)
Sewing Machine with coordinating thread
2 yards of coordinating ribbon
Loop turner (optional but OH so worth it!)

Your tulle will come folded in half length-wise (making it 22″ wide or so) DO NOT UNFOLD IT!

Simply place one end of your length of tulle in the sewing machine about 1″ from the folded seam and start sewing. * If you want to use thicker ribbon, make the distance between your fold and where you sew thicker to accommodate your ribbon.

And keep sewing…

And keep sewing.

When are finished sewing prepare your ribbon by tucking 1 end into the loop turner.

Then simply run your turner and ribbon through the “tunnel” you’ve just created. Just keep on feeding it in there and gathering your tulle onto the ribbon.

Once you’ve gathered all your tulle onto the ribbon you’re done! You can now tie it around your tree.

Tulle is magical! It comes in any color you want, and like this gold tutu skirt it even comes in shiny finishes.

And when your tree is done with it, your daughter will enjoy nothing more than tying it around her waist and running through the yard on a beautiful, sunny day.


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