Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Quick Holiday Gift (and free tag)!

While driving my youngest to gymnastics last night it dawned on me... "Oh, crap!!" I said out loud in the car. "Ooooo, Mommy said a potty word!!" came from the back seat. I had forgotten that this was the last week of classes and lessons before Christmas break. And while it might be too late for the new gymnastics coach it wasn't going to be too late for dance instructors, front office staff at daycare, and anyone else I might need a small gift for this year. Using my crazy popular teacher appreciation gift as my starting point I ran to Target and picked up a few cute polishes and nail files to whip together a Quick Holiday Gift!


Pretty Nail File (these were $1 at Target)
Double-sided tape
Ribbon or Washi Tape
Free printable tag

Print the free tags on white cardstock & cut them out using scissors or a paper punch. Use double-sided tape to secure the polish to the nail file and then use a small piece of ribbon or washi tape to make it look pretty. Lastly attach the cut up tag to the top of the file with the double-sided tape!

That's it, you're done! Carry a few around in your purse as a Random Act of Kindness or as emergency gifts! They also make awesome stocking stuffers for tweens, teens, and old farts like me! 

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