Crafty {Ladies} Night Out!!!

I had another fabulous group of ladies over at the house this weekend for a Crafty Ladies Night Out (even though we met at 3:30 in the afternoon)! This time the project we did was a request from one of the ladies so we made apothecary jars like I had previously made and posted about (here is the Original Post which has the links back to where the idea came from).  We usually try to stay under $10 but these babies are a tad more expensive when you make a pair, but with some advanced planning mixed in with some last minute shopping, we were able to get half off the jars and 30% off half of the wood pieces we needed. I had bought 3 colors of paint for the ladies to pick from, little did I know that everyone would want the same color! Luckily I dug through my paint supply box and was able to pull out another bottle of vintage white/cream paint for us to use!  All in all I think the jars came out very cute and everyone got to dig through my boxes of ribbon to find some ribbon to complete the look of their jars to their own taste! We also munched on sour jelly beans and chocolate cupcakes while sipping some yummy Izze sparking apple juice and bottled water using the GORGEOUS spring dot paper straws I won from Oh Goodie Designs. I made (about 5 minutes before everyone arrived) some spring party logos to top off some cupcakes and decorate the table and I thought I would share those with you! Just click here and here to download the files, they print 12 to a page and are for personal use only!

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    They’re lovely! And so simple, yet elegant & springy :) And this is my idea of a GNO! You’re truly blessed to have such wonderful ladies who will get together to do things like this.

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    All of that E6000 in one room… I feel woozy just thinking about it! Looks like your friends did some great work – those are adorable! Tell me again why you live so far away?

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    ok…now i’m seriously wishing you were my neighbor! how about this party! totally awesome. love all that you did & those stickin’ glass canisters are adorable!

    thanks again for linking up!

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    i am also wishing we were neighbors! lol awesome party- cute decor!! you gotta come link up at our weekend party to show that off 😉

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