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Welcome to day 3 of my series (you can see day 1 and day 2 by clicking ’em) on how to use all the amazing printables that are available around the internet. Today I am going to be showing you a fun way to use cupcake toppers in a place other than on top of cupcakes.  Once again I am working with this amazing July 4th collection designed by Lauren McKinsey Designs that are available for purchase on her site OR you can enter to win your very own set on the fabulous Amy Atlas blog,  Sweet Designs.

Party circles are such a fun way to enhance any and all forms of get togethers. I use them almost every time I am having people over to the house as well as when I bring cupcakes or other food to a party. I think it’s just a really fun way to make things special. You will see them called many different things like party circles, party logos, cupcake toppers, but they are all the same thing – 2-3″ square or circle designs that you print, punch out, then adhere to lollipop sticks, tooth picks or bamboo forks. You don’t have to stop there. You can attach them to anything you want, sky’s the limit!

Party Circles – I am using Lauren McKinsey July 4th Party Circles printed at 50%
Circle or scallop paper punch or just scissors
Glue –  I used both hot glue & scrapbook adhesive
Paper Rosette – you can find instruction here
Child size ponytail holders
Favor Pipette – got mine at Polka Dot Market
Gumballs – also from Polka Dot Market, but available at Party City, too
 close up of the little ponytail holders, rubber bands would work as well
 Here is what the rosettes look like without the printable attached, very cute don’t ya think! My papers were both from Paper Source.
 I didn’t take photos of every step but here are the basic instructions – 
1) Make your rosettes however you find easiest, making sure you have a scrap of paper on the back side so you can attach ponytail holder. 
2) Attach your ponytail holder using hot glue, you’ll want to hold it in place until the glue is good and dry.
3) use your paper punch to cut out your printable to the desired shape and size.
4) attach printable to front of rosette – please note that if you use glitter paper you should use hot glue to do this step as well, other glues just don’t seem to like glitter paper very much.
5) fill your pipette with your desired gumball combo, you could also use M&Ms, sunflower seeds, marshmellows, whatev.
6) very carefully stretch your ponytail holder over the tube, make sure the glue has dried very hard before you do this step :)
And here is the final product. Doesn’t the addition of the shrunken party circle just make them THAT much cuter?!? Well I think so, so please don’t comment tell me you hate it :)


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