Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Bucket List | Free Printable

Ready or not, here it comes!! 2013 is going to be here today and it's possibilities are endless! Every year my husband and I update our annual vision - which includes goals, travel, and other things we'd like to accomplish in the new year. It's sort of a formalized bucket list! But it's now December 31 and there's no time for formal anymore so here is a fun, FREE, printable bucket list. (in 2 versions)

The first version has 3 categories for you to fill out. (download links at the bottom of the post).

While the 2nd version lets you create your own categories.

They both print on good old 8.5x11 paper and don't take up too much ink (because we all know that being more fiscally responsible is top a priority in the new year!!)

I would love if you'd leave me a comment telling me about one thing you're going to write in on your bucket list!!

Also, if you love that paper lantern graphic you can buy it here from JW Illustrations.
And please remember that these are for personal use only - not to be resold or changed in any way.

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  1. i'll be using the blank printable. i'll be adding natural home & beauty products.

  2. i swear, you come up with the best ideas for printables!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to one of my favorite online peeps!

  3. So glad to have found this printable via Pinterest! Starting off mine with "grits" on the food to try. Have a great 2013. -Karen

  4. This is a fun idea, Stacy!! I need to print one of these for our family. I'm not big on resolutions, but goals and a bucket list are right up my alley! ;)

  5. Awesome idea and super cute printable. Thanks, girlie!


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