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Most of us celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday, a day to stop and thank mothers for all that they do for others. I love being a mom, I love my mom, and I love all the other moms in my life (fur moms included). Mothers do a lot for others, almost non-stop around the clock. It is nice to be appreciated for what you do for others but now that Mother’s Day has come and gone let’s take action to do important things for ourselves. Let’s work on crafting a better me!! 

Crafting a better you will mean something different to all of us. For me, it means keeping my eating on track and trying to work out more. For you it might be sleeping the recommended 7-8 hours a night or drinking plenty of water. Whatever you’re passionate about changing you can use one of these fun punch cards to stay accountable. 

Yes, there is a typo in this image, downloadable files are correct!


Printer and white cardstock
Scissors or paper trimmer
Hole Punch
Work Out Punch Card download

Simply download the PDF, print it out on white cardstock, and cut out the cards. When you’ve accomplished one of your goals – a work out, drinking 64 oz of water, getting 8 hours of sleep – simply give yourself a punch on the card and a high five!

When your card is full, give yourself a treat – a manicure, an awesome water bottle, a new pillow (you know you need one!), cute new work out top!

Making the time to craft a better you will not only help you feel better, it will help you more effectively help others in your life. 
I am going to try to come back at least once a week with a new way to Craft a Better Me. We’ll craft in the kitchen, craft for the gym, and craft craft!! 
I’d love to know how you take time to Craft a Better You, leave a comment and let me know!!

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    Omg….loooove! And I love free pdf’s. Is it just me…but I hate hate going to pinterest and finding something that I love and either have to pay a bazillion dollars for it or I have to figure out how they made it.

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