Custom {Cupcakes} the Easy Way!!!

I had a bunch of extra edible cupcake toppers leftover from Baby P’s Polka Dotty Pool Party, so I thought I would bring cupcakes into daycare tomorrow for Baby P’s first birthday!! Of course, these are for the teachers, not the babies :)
It really couldn’t be any easier to make custom, expensive looking cupcakes on the cheap and on the quick! I used this recipe for the cupcakes, as always, a can of Easy Frost, sprinkles (I had ordered a special combo of colors for the party on etsy, here, but you can use any sprinkles), and the edible toppers.  Done. (oh, and you could just pick up cupcakes from the bakery if you don’t have time to bake!)

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    You’re just too much – love your colors! I’ve made frosting a few times but honestly, it’s no better than the canned so why bother, right? Love your edible toppers – the whole party was just lovely, great memories for P!

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    These are pretty crazy cute and you make them look so simple. I am a terrible cupcake decorator, but I might have to give this approach a try.

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