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Happy Wednesday! To continue my series of fun Wednesday giveaways today I am bringing you a sampling of a few of My Favorite things. {insert Julie Andrews singing in the mountains}

Well, at least they are my favorite craft things. I didn’t know how many of you wanted a gallon of olives :)
Let’s take a closer look at the goodies…

A couple of my favorite party things – Stripey Paper Straws, Polka Dot Ballons, & Cotton Favor Bags. Some of my favorite sewing things – 2 yards of Cotton Fabric & Alene’s no sew hem tape. And two of my favorite personal things – Sea Salt Caramel Dark Chocolate bar & $10 Target Giftcard!!

Some of my favorite basic craft things – Ribbon, Card stock, Glue Spots, & Chipboard letters, glittered of course. Some of my favorite shimmer supplies – Crystal Heat-Setter, Iron-on Crystals, Fashion Glitter & Glue, and a couple Tulip paint brushes.
Just think of all the amazing crafts you do with these great things! Entering is easy & the giveaway ends on Tuesday 12/11/12 and is open to US residents 18 years & older.

And, to make your day that much better, I have a few friends who have some great giveaways going on as well!!

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    My grandmother gave me a really weird shirt last year that looked like it was made for a toddler with all of the embellishments and embroidery it had. It was very cute, but way too young for me! (I’m 24) I turned it into a purse :)

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    I’ve gotten a jar of dried figs and dates before. They looked a little scary, like roaches. (I also don’t like figs and dates. It would have been a good gift if I did, I guess.)

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    I received a Christmas decoration in the mail with a label and letter that it was sent from a hospital. (It was even mailed in a box with the hospital’s address). A few days later my sister-in-law asked me if I had received her gift yet. She had put me on the hospital’s gift list that was generated for medical sales people.

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    The worst give I have ever received was from my Grandma, she got my a plain black T-Shirt from K Mart and it was too big, so I went to return it, turns out it has been on clearance for 12 cents, so that’s what I got from her that year, lol.

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    i hate saying any gifts are lame, i feel so guilty! but good gracious, the first year my husband and i were dating he gave me a gild butterfly necklace. i have NEVER worn it in public, but i keep it on the top of my jewelry box so he will never know how gross i think it is!

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    The lamest gift I ever got was a banana. My grandmother gave it to me, and it wasn’t even a joke! She just gave me the banana and then she congratulated me with my birthday. I don’t even like banana’s haha!

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    Early in our marriage my husband got me a motorcycle jacket for Christmas. It was something that he was suppose to get me anyway so I could ride his bike with him, but he used Christmas as an excuse. I felt a little gypped. lol!

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    I got the ugliest sweater one year, I am short and not thin ,”someone” got me a bulky striped (horizontal) Horror’s !!!And it was nasty colors.. I NEVER wore said sweater!

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    The lamest gift I ever received was a vacuum cleaner for my birthday from my husband. (My birthday is close to mother’s day and this followed a traumatic delivery of my son followed by time in the NICU). He will never leave it down, and I still cry when it’s gift giving time. And for the record, he broke it a few months later!

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    When I was growing up my family would all get a secret name that we had to buy for that Christmas. We would put all the names together and choose one the previous christmas… well one year, one of my cousins got my names and each person is responsible for a $50 gift and a stocking for their person. I never received a present.. just a stocking & it had powder milk, an orange and a used highlighter.

    I think that was the lamest gift ever. lol

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    Since I truly appreciate all gifts, I won’t mention who gave me a gift card for a movie theater chain in another state! Driving 14 hours there and back isn’t quite what I had in mind for a fun night at the movies!

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    How about lamest gifts…not just once, but twice and for these past two Christmas’ including this one, I got a new tire. Last Christmas, a nail shredded it, this Christmas a sharp piece of glass shredded a different tire. I am thankful for it, because it really helped me out…but I’m a girl. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to receive something pretty :)

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    A cuckoo clock that made the most annoying ticking sound. You could hear it at night from any room. I swear it was like the Tell-Tale Heart. Needless to say I removed the batteries out of that thing.

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    the world’s ugliest christmas ornament it was like a heart turned infinity sign with a jewel in it – at a real ornament exchange party…everyone else’s were soooo cute!

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    worst gift ever – was form my hubby – our first year married he got me some horrible RED jeans…back then it wasn’t cool or hip —-

    thanks for the chance to win

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    I think the worst gift I have received would have to be a gift that was purchased at a thrift store and passed of as new. I have never put it up, it smelled like an old cat woman’s house and cigarettes… clearly not a new gift.
    Thanks for all the giveaways!

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    Lamest gift ever was the same for myself and my two preteen daughters. We ALL received 1X red plaid flannel pj dress. Think Laura Ingalls Wilder. We did make it fun by taking pics and laughing before returning it (thankful for gift receipts).

    Thanks for this FABULOUS and so not lame giveaway!

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    The lamest gift I ever received….would have to have been tacky decorated printer paper. I like to craft with paper but this was useless even my kids would not color on it.

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    The lamest gift I have ever received was white socks every year from my Grandfather. I guess he didn’t know what to get and that was a safe item….

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    When I was 9 my mom got me my first 2 wheeler bike for my birthday but it was too big for me so she gave it to my big sister and I got her old bike. Devastating! So my sister got a new bike for MY birthday and I got another hand-me-down.

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    The lamest gift I have ever received was actually a wedding gift, multi colored striped sheets for a full size bed. We didn’t even have a full size bed. We lovingly refer to those sheets as the clown sheets. Lol!

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    I can’t think of any lame gifts I’ve been given but my two boys were given a couple lame gifts by my aunt for Chrsitmas last year. She bought them second hand age inappropriate toys. They were infant toys and my boys were/are preschool age children and they had been written on with a Sharpie by the previous owner.

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    The lamest gift was a white elephant that my daughter got from a school party. A giant metal deer head. It was one of those gifts that you were supposed to find away to wrap it so that know one would know what was in the package. I hated having that thing at my house for a whole year.

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    I have always been very appreciative of each gift I’ve ever received, including pots & pans; socks & underwear; a vacuum; a mini-vacuum (think Dust Buster but MUCH heavier and with a LONG cord!); someone’s only slightly used Lancom/Mary Kay purchase bonus; a beautiful, expensive charm bracelet about 12 years after charm bracelets went out of style and about 8 years after I was too old to wear one; assorted clothing in sizes/styles vastly differing from anything I could ever wear; a grandmotherly purse when I was 26; a man’s Elvis watch; infant barrettes when I was 9; a horrible-smelling, cheap incense diffuser set (I’m a Scentsy consultant, and I had spent a good amount of time, money, and effort on this person’s non-Scentsy gift, so I should have been doubly insulted. lol); and a porcelain & glass hinged egg with a music box inside. I managed to sincerely thank the giver in each of the above cases, but in 2009 I received a heavily framed 2001 calendar featuring a ghastly floral motif, and I just had no words. I couldn’t even make eye contact. I don’t know that the gift ever made it home with me…

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    One year my uncle got us a bag full of dollar store crap…including a glo-stick. I’m as much a fan of the dollar store as the next gal, but there was no thought in this gift. It was just a bunch of cheap random crap.

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    The lamest give I ever received were 3 pair of plain white socks. They obviously had come from a bigger package of socks because they weren’t bound together in anyway. Plus, they were itchy!!

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    A book of life-savers candies from a Dirty Santa party. I was so disappointed when I opened the gift. I had brought a really nice gift and had seen some really nice gifts that were already opened. I should have stolen one of those opened gifts instead of opening an unwrapped one.

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    This is amazing! My worst thing would probably be a box of popcorn. We had a gift exchange at a previous job and we were suppose to spend 25, I got a box of popcorn I kid you not.

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    I can’t think of anything in particular that was overly lame at the moment. But I really dislike gifts in which you know the person didn’t even think about you when purchasing it. As if they don’t really even know you at all!

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    Amy from Positively Splendid sent me over and I am glad she did! What a sweet giveaway your are having! After browsing your blog for a while, I have decided I must become a follower :) Thanks for the chance to win.

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    The lamest gift was a $1 storage box with a $1 geni bottle bubble bath, $1 mittens, and $1 bath salt cubes. Yep, that was from an adult sibling…which she ended up using it all for herself.

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    The worst gift by far was : a root rotted azelea potted plant I received for Valentine’s day one year in college. The rotten root smell was terrible…and really what college girl living in a dorm wants a yard plant……Chocolate and roses right?!

    sowingstitches [at] gmail [dot] com

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    I cannot honestly say I have ever received a lame present. I just take into consideration the thoughts that go into getting the gift, and accept it graciously. That is the spirit of Christmas. Have a great day!!

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    The worst gift I ever got was from my husband (then boyfriend) at our first Christmas together. He got me a pair of mens boxer shorts with hearts on them and a coupon book. I think he waited until the last minute and was clueless. In his defense though, I did have a pair of heart pajama bottoms I loved, and he was just trying to get me another pair. He’s gotten MUCH better!

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    can’t say any gifts were lame, but tacky purses and perfume have been received. however, it’s the thought that counts, so i’m still grateful! my brother once made fun of me b/c i liked to give candles for gifts. every year, apparently. and i stopped for a long time, but this year, i’m bringing ’em out again. custom beeswax in mason/canning jars. how can i not?

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    I received a sweater that was 5 sizes too small. It would have been fine but it was all torn, dirty and stinky. It wasn’t good:(
    Thanks for the opportunity, that is my favorite chocolate ever!

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    The worst gift I’ve received was a bottle of cheap wine! It was an exchange gift at the office and it was way to short of the price we all agree!! I was so disappointed when I opened it that everybody gave me a hug and some of them even offer to share some of their gifts with me. Needless to say that the person who gave it to me was so ashamed that next day she brought me a nice bracelet and apologize not only to me but all the other participants!!

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    a hand painted sweater with all kinds of alaskan wild life. don’t get me wrong I always appreciate a handcrafted gift…but I live in Southern louisiana…we don’t really have sweater weather and I don’t really want a moose on my butt anyway

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    A candy bar for my birthday. From my husband! After I told him he missed my birthday…sigh!! And yes, we hadn’t been married that long…but still!

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    I received a frying pan and a toaster one year for Christmas. Soon after opening gifts, my husband (no longer my husband and gift giver of these items!) asked if he could open them to make himself some breakfast.

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    Hmm…my lamest gift? My grandma used to always get me the ugliest Christmas t-shirts every year for the longest time! They made pretty nice pajama shirts, though!

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    I can’t think of anything super lame really, maybe some shirts my husband picked out that weren’t my style. But he doesn’t like clothing I pick out for him either so we’re pretty equal on that one! Lol

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    One of those awful “teacher” sweaters that has all of the applique on it. The stuff bad sweater Christmas parties are made of. The worst thing was that it wasn’t a bad sweater party and every other female there had one on!!!

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    So many to choose from that is why I don’t like gifting just for the sake of gifting. I’d rather commit to doing one special thing with a person. My husband got a pack of wife beaters a couple years ago in black and royal blue. Something he’s never ever worn. And they wreaked of smoke which meant I threw them in the trash immediately.

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    The lamest gift I have ever received was a jewelry box from my husband.. The problem?? I don’t even really wear jewelry except my wedding ring and diamond earrings and necklace. I was more upset about the lack of thought put into the gift. He’s done ALOT better in years since!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    The lamest gift I ever received was an engagement ring on my birthday…I mean, really?! 2-for-1, I guess… And he didn’t even propose correctly! It was like: you gonna open that box on the table? Shoulda seen that warning sign staring me in the face…haha

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    The first year my boyfriend (now husband) and I were dating, for my birthday he gave me a ring box. I panicked, thinking we had only been dating for two months. Then he gave me an encouraging smile, so I opened it up, only to find a screw taped inside.

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