Shot Thru the Heart | Valentine’s Day Wreath DIY

I am on a Valentine’s Day Wreath roll lately! Except this time, are you sitting down for this, I didn’t use ribbon OR fabric! Come along and see how to make this adorable wreath for yourself.

The supplies for this wreath are pretty simple:

  • Styrofoam heart shaped wreath form (I found mine at Joann’s)
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Glitter
  • Acrylic Sealer
  • Dowel & paint for the dowel
  • Hot Glue
  • Feathers
  • Scrapbook paper & scissors
  • Cardboard to cover your glitter surface
  • Fishing line, a nail, or ribbon for hanging

Before you start the glitter process you’ll want to make the holes that your dowel will fit through. I did this by just jamming that sucker in there with all my might. It has been brought to my attention from my good friend Kellie at Nest of Posies that you could also just use a drill attached with a drill bit the same width as your dowel. So you can pick which way you’d like to tackle this step.

Next you want to give the top and sides of your wreath form a good coat of spray adhesive. You should either do this step outside OR inside of a box that you’ll never need to use again, spray adhesive gets everywhere! Once you’ve covered your wreath in adhesive lay it down on a fresh piece of cardboard (or butcher’s paper or wax paper) and start dumping the glitter. Don’t worry about wasting it, you will be able to pour most of it back into the bottle when you are finished (which is why you don’t want to glitter over the same surface you used to spray adhesive on).

Let your wreath dry for a couple hours and then take it outside and give it a nice coat of acrylic sealer to seal in the glitter so you don’t have a river of glitter running through your house.

While you are waiting for the wreath to dry you can start making your arrow accessories. Paint your dowel white and set it up to dry. Then, I used a piece of glitter card stock to make the point of my arrow, but you could just as easily use a piece of cardboard  and apply the glitter yourself so that you have a perfect match. Just free hand a triangle and cut it out!

I bought a package of cheap, white craft feathers at the store and added a little spray adhesive and ran them through the glitter pile I had after glittering the wreath. I used 3.
Once your wreath is dry, insert your dry, white dowel through the holes you pre-made. With hot glue, attach the arrow to one end and the 3 feathers to the other. Attach fishing line for an invisible hanging method. DONE!

There is just something about Glitter and Valentine’s Day and just go together like Orange and Blue!!
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    I love this wreath! I especially love the arrow you added, fantastic idea! I’m pinning this…have to try it myself!
    Saw you sharing at Serenity Now – Weekend Bloggy Party
    Debbie :)

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