I Love Florida Football Wreath

If somehow you get to my front door and haven’t noticed the University of Florida license plates and decals on our cars and you missed the Gator garden flag in the front bushes AND you missed the Gator gnomes guarding our front steps then you will definitely understand where our college football (and baseball, basketball, softball, and so on) allegiance lies when you see the biggest wreath I’ve ever made. After years of making wreaths for others I finally decided it was time to make one for myself and since I didn’t have to ship it anywhere I could make it as big as I wanted. So I did.

Using an 18 inch flat styrofoam wreath form I used more than 40 yards of ribbon, beautiful orange and blue ribbon, to create this wreath. That’s over 350 hand-cut pieces of 4 inch long ribbon, sewn into 2 inch long loops, and then individually hot glued into place. There are no short cuts for this wreath that can have the same results.

And because the wreath wasn’t enough I created a multi-layered add-on pin to really hit the point across.

Sometimes you really need to be willing to give up a couple finger prints in order to get the wreath you want.

I think my door looks complete for football season now.

And there is no doubt with this wreath hanging up that In All Kinds of Weather I LOVE Florida Football!


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    Gorgeous wreath! Thank you for the inspiration and details. I just went to Hobby Lobby today to make my burlap Orange & Blue wreath, but I may have to take a crack at this one, too. Go Gators!!

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