About Me

Here is a brief timeline in the history of my life {so far}

  • born in Tel Aviv, Israel 
  • moved to The United States, more precisely Minneapolis, MN
  • moved to Orlando, Fl area
  • attended the University of Florida {GO GATORS!!!}
  • moved to Atlanta to work for a big 5 public accounting company
  • decided public accounting wasn't for me
  • bleed orange & blue
  • up and moved myself to Minneapolis, MN with no job
  • got suckered into the world of Hedge Fund accounting
  • met my future husband at a Northwoods Gator Club viewing party {first real date we flew down to Gainesville for a Gator game - the rest is history}
  • moved to Washington, DC - worked as a financial analyst doing SEC & Equity work {stressful!!!}
  • got married in Sarasota, FL
  • still bleeding orange & blue
  • moved to the Eastern Shore of Maryland or "DelMarVa" as it's called
  • got a job at a chicken company
  • had a baby
  • moved to Charlotte where I get to work from home for said chicken company
  • had another baby
  • started She's{kinda}Crafty in my "spare" time
  • sold a wreath
  • sold more wreaths
  • still. selling. wreaths.

So that is about it! In whatever spare time I have (when I'm not mothering, wifing, or chicken counting)  of course I love to craft, shop, put crap in piles around my house instead of actually cleaning up, and avoid laundry like the plague. Hearing my two little girls giggle is THE best sound in the world followed closely by The Pride of the Sunshine!! 

My loves also include (but are not limited to) - country music, the "Bring it On" movie series, Diet Mt. Dew, ranch dressing, olives, flip flops, pajama pants, and 90's rap/hip hop.

I don't think I have a favorite movie but I will always stop to watch Eurotrip, Spaceballs, and pretty much any movie that has a bunch of one-liners.

So for now that's a little bit about me {maybe too much}

Proof of the wedding 

Gator Babies

Summer family fun


  1. We are practically neighbors, I live in Hickory!! Didn't think there were any bloggers I follow close to me :-)

  2. Just found your blog today through a link party. We bleed Orange & Blue at our house too! And we're brainwashing, I mean, raising our Gator Baby right! Happy to find you. :)

  3. So happy to find a fellow crafter in the Charlotte Area! I am going to MaryJo's next week for the first time. I read a post of your's about that store... I'm looking forward to it!

  4. Stacy - I had such a great time meeting you this weekend. Thanks for teaching us about your ribbon wreaths - my girls each want one for her room now! I love that your personality and humor shines through on your blog - I'll be checking back often for great tips, a good laugh and maybe a chicken dance??

  5. From one Gator Alumni to another...I LOVE your blog!! I'm EDCUATING my boys on the Gator Nation...my oldest has already accepted his admission...at 12 year old!! Haha!!

    Love all of your crafts...particulary your Gator items!!


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